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When I’m doing photoshoot in lingerie is full adventure, because I get to know my body… Through my gestures and pose I can control where my hand goes, my leg…Posing in lingerie is not easy, but it shouldn't be difficult either.…

Expression is very important when you are wearing a delicate piece like lingerie.. When I’m posing I don’t want to force my self. I like to feel comfortable… Before all of this you need to be confident with your body, embrace each part of your body.. that’s what it’s about.

Shyness can be used to your advantage in many cases. because it is a natural expression of the body when it is exposed... When you least expect it, you already have a photo ready for your social media.

The first time posing with lingerie you will be shy in front of the photographer.. And in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with being shy.. As intuitive person I let my self guide by the energy of the photographer and the environment. Most of the time your energy will guide you and if you feel uncomfortable, pausing can help.

When I’m doing photoshoot in lingerie is supposed to to be relax and fun… Is beautiful when you see a woman with confidence.

Before you do a photoshoot, take your time to see if the lingerie fits you. In my case, I spent some minutes to match the panties with the stockings and suspenders.

If you ask me why I like to pose with lingerie?

I would say… I feel powerful when I see myself, I see my body and I just let it go. I embrace myself. My favorite poses are looking down, or to the side. Playing with those poses I feel confident.

The most important thing of all is: Embrace yourself. You should be your own highest standard.

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