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This is María

María Belén Ramírez Gallardo, known equally for her beauty and her engaging enthusiasm for experiencing life. Born in Asunción, Paraguay, she has always understood what she wants and now she is going after it. Not only her Asian features make her stand out, but her charisma and simplicity accompany her wherever she goes very sociable and full of energy, cheerful and caring, approachable and naturally sophisticated.


PH: Adolfo Valente

She spent part of her childhood in the countryside in Paraguay, city of La Colmena, Paraguarí where her mother is a native.
Daughter of attorney Zonia Gallardo and Virgilio Ramírez, being an only child. Since she was a child she showed her artistic interest, highlighting her taste for theater, dance, music and fashion. Her artistic path began when she entered the theater workshop at her school, Colegio Inmaculado Corazón de María in Asunción, where she took part in several plays.

Winning Miss Paraguari 2016 in Miss World Paraguay. Later in 2016 she represented Paraguay in World Top Model, a modeling contest where top model Claudia Schiffer participated. She placed in the top 10 among 40 girls from different countries in Milan, Italy in December 2016.
At the age of 17 she represented La Colmena in a beauty pageant as Miss Teen.

At 18 she moved to study at the Catholic University of Asuncion, specializing in Journalism and Communication.

At the national contest for “World Top Model Paraguay” she entered thanks to her fashion designer friend and the support of her parents. On December 12, 2016 she won World Top Model Paraguay title.

María Belén is also known for sharing her modeling shots and aesthetic pictures through her Instagram page. She loves navigating and creating content.

In 2014 she entered the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Asunción. She finished her university studies in 2018 receiving a degree in Journalism and Communication.

After her university, she decided to move to Italy and study Italian to see the fashion houses in Milan. She later moved to Tanzania, where she went on vacation, but quickly found that she loved the place and couldn't leave it. For three years, she lived on the African continent, where she established her marketing agency "Twiga"in Swahili means "giraffe".

Through this platform, she shares her thoughts and make it a space for knowledge and entertainment.

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