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Less is more


When I started participating in beauty pageants or fashion shows, I had no idea about skin care or routines, much less how to put on makeup. Because I'm one of those who is always without makeup.

Over time, I realized the importance of skin care. Right now every night, I spend about ten minutes. I start washing my face with warm water, then I apply the Chanel make-up remover cream, (when I have a little make-up on) or else Chanel mousse which is an anti pollution cream.

The anti-pollution cream deeply purifies the skin and frees it from any impurity, sweat or oil. I have been using it before bed for a long time and the truth is that after its application my skin is soft and clean. The second step of my routine consists of applying a moisturizing cream for the face and neck.

Water is my skin's best friend. For beautiful skin you have to drink a lot of water as it keeps you hydrated. Two liters a day is recommended.

A visit to the spa every month does the skin good. As a treatment, I opt for a simple cleansing based on a natural mask and then hydration. A good diet is also important to maintain the skin over time. In my case, I maintain a balanced diet, I try not to abuse sweets (I love chocolates) or else the pimples appear.

I know I can't have perfect skin all day. That is why I take care of my skin in this way. For me, makeup has to demonstrate your beauty and not cover it up. It is not about being perfect, but about knowing how to show off your features. Less is more, and in this way I identify myself when it comes to taking care of my skin and wearing makeup.

Based on makeup, I always opt for a fresh and youthful look. I don't like heavy makeup. Recently, I learned how to do my makeup through videos. When I have time I like to play with eye shadows and do eyeliner.

When I have an important event during the day, I apply a base of the tone of my skin, I can not miss the concealer to cover the dark part under the eyes, the mascara for the eyelashes and a balm to moisturize the lip.

As for the color for the lip, I always opt for neutral shades of the flesh color range or sometimes a very natural pink.

That's all for now. I have a lot of fun when putting on makeup and you? Comment below.

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