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How to find your place in the world


Before how to find your place in the world. First, you must know yourself and work for your goals. In a world that passes quickly and with technological stress we forget to reconnect with ourselves. So what to do and how to find yourself?

Throughout our education at school, we are taught many technical and theoretical things that perhaps some of us will use and others we will not.

There is a lack in the educational system in the sense that they train us to pass exams, to get jobs, but not to know yourself or be happy.

Many young people feel frustrated and lost because they have not had time to think about what they want to do with their lives. In my opinion, teachers should motivate their students and accompany them in this process during school.

The Portuguese author Jose Saramago used to say "The only ones interested in changing the world are the pessimists" Because the optimists are delighted with everything there is.

We are all born with a strong connection to our passions, and we lose that as we grow older due to the pressures of society, family, friends. Or we want to resemble the friend or the brother. In my case, I am an only daughter. However, I wanted to imitate someone, but when I grew up I realized that we live and grew up based on a social construction.

Adolescence is a delicate point because basically at 17, 18 you should know very well what you are going to study and where you are going to work. Without giving you time to think.

In the aboriginal tribes this happens. They send the man to the jungle and when he returns he is already a man. We are in a flow of life, in which everything is immediate as Sigmund Freudman said in his book liquid society.

Depression comes when you feel useless.

A simple life doesn't have to be boring.

I was living in Africa for 3 years. And what I learned from the local people is not to worry and enjoy the day.

I wrote these positive actions that have helped me and that maybe they can help you.

#1 Stay active, don't quit.

In a world where everything is fast, we get tired easily and lose patience. And we tend to give up, we don't complete the cycle. I also deal with this problem, that I want to achieve everything fast. What I do when I'm tired or without desire is, take a deep breath, close my eyes, repeat with myself “I can do it” and in this way I start again. In this way, I almost always reach my goals. “Almost” ;)

#2 Take it easy

In Africa, they do not have technological stress, they live more calmly and in harmony. If you want to achieve your goals you need to make time for yourself and reconnect. After work, take time to relax, sleep the hours your body needs to feel well, or you can create spaces in your calendar for meetings and social life, you have to create the space to rest. Cuddle yourself, meditate for a bit during the day so you will have more energy to go back to focus on your goals.

#3 Connect with nature

Connecting with nature is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. Doing psychical activities like going for a walk in the park, walking with your pet. In my case when I go outside for a walk I like to hug trees. When you hug a tree you release a hormone called oxytocin. Hugging a tree can relieve stress and anxiety. When I was in Africa, I went to the beach to walk every morning, listen to the sound of the ocean, feel the sand with my feet. They are very healing sensations that fill you with energy. So connecting with nature brings great health benefits.

#4 Take care of the people around you

Don’t forget to take care of your loved ones ! Don't forget your friends or loved ones, meet them, make them a surprise or a favorite meal, connect with other human beings. If you take care of your loved ones they will take care of you.

#5 Gratitude

If you want to achieve your purpose in life, you must start by being thankful. Practice gratitude could be easy, but actually doing it every day could become a habit. Dialogue with our inner being and give thanks for all the good things in life. From bad experiences you can also thank why it helps you can grown as a person and teach those around you.

#6 Celebrate your achievements

Have you ever watched all your achievements?

We are constantly thinking about the things we haven't done yet.

What better to celebrate for finishing that homework, or lose those extra pounds, or celebrate for love. I remember a friend told me don't be so hard on yourself... So celebrate your achievements after the hard work you done, in this way you will motivate to moving forward. Every small action that you do for your goals it will get you closer to your dreams. Make a list of the things you did today, or write down the nice things people told you today, your partner, colleagues or friends. It’s a good way to perceive how your environment feels your success and motivation.

#7 Don't eat until you're full

I love my food but I been learning to moderate. Not eating until you are full has many benefits. I always eat very healthy, but I can’t give up chocolate (lol). Not filling up until you eat and having a balanced diet provides good energy and is good for your health.

#8 Live the moment

Every day is a new day. We have an opportunity to improve as people. Get the urge to do something new, to savor the pasta that we like so much, or simply lie down for a nap after a long day, simple things that make us enjoy now. Do not focus on the ugly things, nor lock yourself in the past. Forgive to relieve the soul and simply choose to be happy. HAKUNA MATATA!

Remember before finding your place in the world, it’s important to know yourself first and decide to do now and BE now. Choose the way to see the world is up to you like finding the motivations for your goals!

How far would you go to find your place in this world?

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