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Playing rope. Why is it one of my favorite exercises?


I remember that in the afternoon I used to play rope with my grandmother and she would tell me “you must jump many times so you will be very strong”. And grandmothers are always right. Over time, the rope has become my favorite exercise and it is the one that accompanies me everywhere.

Whenever I'm traveling and don't have time to go to a gym, I take the rope with me. Jumping rope is so practical that you can do it whenever you want as many times as you want. I have also read that it is the favorite exercise of public figures, such as models, actors, athletes, etc.

According to trainers, jumping rope brings many benefits to the body, since depending on the number of repetitions per day, it burns up to 500 calories. That is, you can lose weight just by jumping.

When I started jumping rope, I used to do it 50 times in one lap, then I got used to doing more reps. Although it is not as simple as it seems, in the case of a person who has never jumped rope, at first it may not be easy to do 10 jumps. However, if you have patience and do it daily, very good results are achieved. And over time, I noticed that I become stronger and with a lot of energy.

In the beginning, I learned how to do it in 3 months by watching videos where he explains how to do it. Jumping little by little and not quickly. If we talk about the benefits, it is one of the few exercises that works the whole part of the body, not only the legs but the abdomen and arms, it also helps to put the heart on point, works coordination and improves the tone of the shoulders.

There are many ways to jump rope, starting with the basic one, then doing a kind of bicycle, jumping on one leg or another way is crossing both arms, or double unders, etc. This last type of jump consists of passing the rope twice under our feet in the same jump. And to do it you need a speed rope and a lot of patience.

Whenever I go for a walk I carry the rope with me. My routine consists of doing 50 jumps in 4 sessions. Sometimes, I manage to do three times the double unders. On another occasion, while at the airport, I started jumping rope after the guilt of having eaten a hamburger (laughs).

Jumping rope is an effective workout, and you don't need a lot of equipment to do it. In addition to being an exercise that can be done anywhere, it is very accessible and can be stored in any corner.

What is your favorite exercise?

Photo Credits: Adolfo Valente

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